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Belinda Bolsenbroek is an accomplished teacher and master in the art of horsemanship. Guided by the proven principles and foundations already laid by long gone masters like Xenophon, Pluvinel, de la Gueriniere and Steinbrecht, Belinda offers rider and horse first class education in the art of horsemanship and classical dressage.

My passion is to educate horse and rider along the path towards the ultimate goal of unity. Working towards this goal I offer a training program that touches all aspects of horsemanship. I work in an academic way, making sure you truly understand the methods and ideas behind them. The program is never rigid and adapts to the natural abilities of horse and rider. I invite you to join me on this path aiming for a balanced, strong healthy horse that develops to its full potential.


William Cavendish: "Art should always follow nature and must never oppose it"

Antoine de Pluvinel: "The spirit of the horse is like the smell of a rose, once broken, it will never return"

Francois R. de la Gueriniere: " Knowledge of the natural abilities of the horse is one of the cornerstones of the Art of Riding, all horsemen should make this a main point of study. Without this theory, practice is always uncertain. "

Belinda currently offers clinics in Australia, Asia, Europe and America. Find a clinic near you.